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Room design for infants and children, a category which has been dominated largely by mass-produced, generic, primary colored furniture quickly discarded by parents, is about to receive a bold, high-style make-over with the debut of a break-through collection called Magic Nest. The modern classic collection of infant and children’s room furnishings is poised to create a style revolution, providing a fresh solution for families to one of the most widely faced design dilemmas

In sharp contrast to many children’s furniture lines which are virtually disposable, Magic Nest represents a smart, solid investment - one that will last long beyond baby’s first years and become a permanent part of the home. The chairs, dressers and gliders from the collection are so well designed and expertly crafted of high quality materials that they will be part of the family home for years to come and blend seamlessly into a family room or an adult’s bedroom. The Magic Nest collection will also be eco-friendly and certified.

If you have any questions visit us at www.magicnest.pt
or send us na email to magic@magicnest.pt
Alexandra Pedro

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